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Nature's Own Miracle Cure
Calcium Bentonite Clay
by PerryA~

In this book, Mother Nature reveals her own secret miracle cure.  For centuries, Native Americans have used Living Clay for health and beauty, as did the Essenes (the authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls) centuries before them!  In this book you'll discover not only the history of healing clay, but also instructions on using clay for optimal health and beauty today!  Discover why natural Calcium Bentonite Clay is the premier healing clay, and why you should settle for nothing less!    If you're ready to place your trust in Mother Earth then this book, and the fountain of knowledge within its pages, is exactly what you're seeking.

To learn the who's, the where's and the what's of good clay, BUY Living Clay NOW and begin your journey on the path to natural healing.

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Perry A~ author of Living Clay

Rene Johnson, Perry A~, and Dellen Dakus
Recently, Perry A~ was in Calgary, Canada giving workshops on her book and assisting Dellen Wholistics, a wholesaler of Living Clay Products, at the Body Soul and Spirit Expo.

Perry A~ is available to give radio interviews and presentations on her book.
To contact Perry A~, call (512) 262-7187.
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Wonderful 30 minute interview by Lily Malkovic about clay's benefits

Incredible 30 minute interview with Perry A~ by Robin Claire discussing how clay works and what it can do for you.

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